Coins - Triple Town
Coins - Triple Town
is the primary in-game currency. Unlike Diamonds, (another form of currency used in the moble and social media versions of the game) Coins is used in all versions of the game. Coins can be earned by combining 4 or more of an Object in order to make a super version of the next tier Object. You also collect Coins from your advanced Objects, when you complete a map.


Store (Facebook)

Coins can be purchased in ingame store using Facebook credits.

Item Name Cost Image
2,000 Coins. 10
Facebook Credit - Triple Town
2,000 Coins - Triple Town
5,000 Coins. 20
Facebook Credit - Triple Town
5,000 Coins - Triple Town
10,000 Coins. 35
Facebook Credit - Triple Town
10,000 Coins - Triple Town
50,000 Coins. 130
Facebook Credit - Triple Town
50,000 Coins - Triple Town